Sudan Boat starter pack
Boats provided by the last stand boatyard. Please allow a 2 week lead time these packs are built when ordered.

Gunboat & Dhows! 1st Edition Rulebook 

Fast play rules for conducting river combat (A TSATF Supplement)

These rules are based around the popular Colonial ruleset The Sword and the Flame.  This set is a Spiral Bound hard copy.  See contact information at the end of rules for boat data sheets (digital). 

F Class Gunboat with one bow Main Gun 

This is a civilian class Ferry type river boat.  This model now comes with a magnet under the deck on the bow and stern to mount Naval Guns.  The Ferry is about 12" long and 4" across the paddle wheels housing.  (Figures not included.) 

Single Masted Dhow 

The Dhow is 11.5" long (57') with a 3" Beam (15').  The sail can be tacked from starboard to port.

Additional Gun Option

F Class comes with one bow gun. Additional gun, either Machine or Cannon available for $8.

Also comes with 2 small blast markers.

Sudan Boat starter pack